Writing Readable Proposal Text

Proposal text should be and can be written to be read easily. Does that statement seem obvious to you? Oddly enough, many proposals that come across my desk from companies large and small are far from being easy to read and are often painful to read. It seems that obfuscation and complexity rules the day in the proposal world. Sadly. It doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Here’s a simple but very doable solution to the monotony and dullness that has become your proposal: break up your proposal text with bullet points and numbers. Have you ever read one solid paragraph of text that went on for two or three pages (or more!)? Many of those have been the perfect cure for insomnia in my family. It’s not that the proposal is boring, mind you, but word after word without even a little teensy break is just too much. That one paragraph alone could have (and should have) easily been broken up into six or seven paragraphs with the help of a few bullet points. In fact, from those that I have read, the easiest to read have been those with good graphics, easy to read bullet points, and a smattering of numbered lists in the proposal.

When should you use bullet points and when should you use numbers? Here’s a tip: use numbers if you use a number in the lead-in, the numbers. For instance, “the following are the Top Ten Reasons to use numbers” would be when you would number the list. By the way, people really love Top Ten or Top Three lists, and they make the reading enjoyable.

Secondly, use numbers when you need to put a specific order to something. For example, “use the following four steps to save the entire folder to a DVD” would precede four steps that it takes to save a folder to a DVD. In processes and procedures, numbered points are what makes a good proposal stand out. Don’t shy away from making each of those points clear with subpoints, which should be small letters.

Contrastingly, use bullets when it doesn’t matter what order the list is in or should be in. Bullets in this case break up a lengthy series. Bullets make the text readable (and bearable). You can also use sub-bullets but don’t go too wild on this, and don’t go more than sub-bullets.

It doesn’t take much to make your proposal text clear and easy to read, but it does take a bit of effort to make it happen.

What To Text A Girl You Like – 7 Deadly Pitfalls To Avoid When Texting A Girl You Like

When trying to figure out what to text a girl you like, there are 7 pitfalls that you should keep in mind. Most guys screw up their chances of attracting a girl by committing one or more of these 7 mistakes, but after you read this article, you will never be one of them.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall #1: Don’t Try To Impress Her Through Text

Don’t try to write a bunch of things about yourself that you think is going to impress her. Save the long war stories, accomplishment list, and general DHV’s (demonstrations of higher value) for when you two are face-to-face or on the phone.

The purpose of texting is to flirt, build comfort, and be playful. Writing long messages that boast about yourself will not only not impress her, but it will make you seem insecure.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall #2: Don’t Write Super Long Text

This rules ties in with the last one. Remember, the person who invest the most effort into the texts is the one that’s most invested in the interaction. By writing super long text to her, you are only showing that you are overly invested in her and that often comes off as needy.

Try to keep your texts short and concise. The impression you are trying to sub-communicate is that you are a busy guy who almost don’t have time to text her.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall #3: Don’t Ask Too Many Boring Questions

She is use to guys asking her all kinds of generic questions so you definitely don’t want to come off as just another guy. Plus too many questions are annoying.

Instead, phrase your questions in a more interesting way. For example, instead of, “Hey, what’s up?” you could say, “Hey brat, what are you doing…besides obsessing about me? lol ”

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall # 4: Avoid Slangs, Abbreviations, Or Misspellings With Foreign Women

If the girl is foreign and doesn’t speak perfect English, try no to use any slangs or abbreviations that might confuse her. Be a little more basic and to the point.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall # 5: Don’t Multi-Tread Your Text Messages

A lot of guys will ask multiple questions in the same text like, “What are you doing tonight? Oh, btw, how’s was work?”

This is called multi-treading and what usually ends up happening is that girl will respond to the last question and ignore the first one. And if the first question is something important, well then you’re just out of lucky.

So don’t multi-tread. Wait until she answer your first question before asking the second one. Just remember to keep your generic questions to a minimum.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall # 6: Be Sure To Sign Your Name In The First Text That You Send Her

If the girl didn’t save your name on her phone she might not know who you are, so be sure to sign your name at the end. You might also want to add a little descriptor of yourself like, “Joe from the concert.”

By doing this it avoid the awkward “Who is this?” text that can kill some of the momentum.

Deadly Girl Texting Pitfall # 7: Avoid Using Too Many Capitalization

Excessive caps and punctuations like exclamation marks and question marks can make your messages seem overly excited. This can come of as needy, so try to keep the caps and heavy punctuation to a minimum.

SEO Best Practices – Writing Good Body Text

The content on your page is vital to your search engine optimization efforts. The various search engines and their spiders crawl every part of your webpage so that they can determine the keywords density and find out what you page is about.

Put your primary keywords towards the start of each title and subtitle

To do this effectively you should first put the keywords into a descriptive titles and subtitles, and then make use of the following tags:”H1″, “H2” and “H3”

Remember that the “H1” tags, will make the text within it a title

“H2” tags, will make the text within it a sub-title.

“H3” tags, will make the text within it a sub-sub-title.

With the arrival of HTML5 you can use these head tags more effectively. Prior to HTML5 content writer had to follow the order of the HTML head tags and so define a “H1” tag, followed by “H2” and “H3” and so on.

With HTML5, you can restart the running order by grouping sections of text using the hgroup tag, defined as

Suppose you have two topics on a page. Using the “hgroup”, each topic can be enclosed these. and so give each topic has its very own heading, sub heading and another sub heading. This illustrates how you to use the running order of “H1” tags and so on within each “hgroup” and also continue the running order on the rest of the page.

Put your primary keywords towards the start of each paragraph

To do this effectively you should place keywords 1 to 3 times at the beginning of your first paragraph and do the same in the last paragraph of you text.

You should also mention your main keywords through out the text.

One high recommended strategy is to write as if you were talking to someone such as a client or customer.

One way to do this is to write so that you are addressing the problem the customer has. For example, if your business is a plumber, your text should persuade the customer why the customer should choose your business and its services.

In addition to the above, you should also use variations of your keywords so as to maximize the traffic from the search engines for the keywords you have chosen.

Be warned! If the text you write reads with so many keywords words mentioned to often then will be seen as spam by the search engines. This will lead to the page and possibly the entire website being punished severely by Google and other search engines.

The Beginner’s Text Message Advertising Tutorial

In business, there are only two questions owners ask about anything new: “What is it?” and “What can it do for me?” All other questions are merely to clarify one of those two.

For today’s business owner, the “newest” new is “text message advertising.” So, let’s answer the questions.

What is it?

If you have been out and about at all in the last few years, you have seen nearly every teenager busily pecking away on their cell phone– not talking, but texting. According to CTIA. the wireless industry’s closest thing to a trade group, there are more text messages sent every day than there are people on the planet.

Short Message Service (SMS) has a 160 character limit, which is both good and bad. It can be bad in that you can’t exactly text all the juicy details about something, but it’s good in that it nearly guarantees a read. Estimates range in both read rates and time lapse to read, but they all come in at over 90% read within minutes. Compared to newspaper, email, direct mail, or any other way to get a message out, it’s as close to a guaranteed read as there is.

What can it do for me?

In short, (no pun intended) SMS can increase the number of new customers you have, and increase the repeat business you get from existing customers.

Let’s use a restaurant as an example. You go into the restaurant, and are informed either by something on the table, or by the waiter, that if you text JACKS to 82222, you will receive a free drink with your meal. (In this example, “JACKS” is a keyword, and “*82222” is a shortcode.) You take out your cell phone, send the text, and a few seconds later receive a text message back that you will receive the free drink by showing the message to the cashier.

Forward two weeks. It’s Thursday morning, and you are wondering what you are going to do for lunch. Your phone beeps, and you see you have a new message. It says, “Between 11 and 1 TODAY, get a free dessert with any entree at Jack’s. Show this message to cashier to redeem.” Decision made.

It doesn’t have to be a restaurant. Retail stores can have a sale exclusively for subscribers. Sports teams sell more tickets with special promotions. Golf courses can promote an early evening special. Youth groups can let everyone know that summer camp fees are due tomorrow. The list is literally endless.

If you see a use for SMS in your business– and if you don’t now, you soon will– there are a few things to know before you start.

1. Be legal. Right now, the SMS field is not plagued by spam the way email is. Estimates now are that over 90% of all emails are either sent straight to spam or are not read. It’s hard to find an email from anyone except a close friend that doesn’t contain some kind of pitch and link in it. In spite of strict anti-spam laws, there are still companies that mine for email addresses and then sell them as legitimate.

If you use SMS to advertise, be sure you get the information legitimately, and always give them a way to stop. Don’t send a message to anyone who has not first sent you a text to get something, and don’t send them anything after they say they’d like to stop.

2. Be informed of your options. Decide what you want your messaging service to do for you. If you are a church that wants to send out a “devotion for the day,” your needs will be entirely different than if you want people to get a message to come into your store when they are close by.

If you are a radio station or some other kind of advertising medium that wants to resell your service, you will want to see how many keywords you can get, and how many sub-keywords from each of them. Find out how many response messages you can send, and how many new messages. As with anything else you purchase, it’s better to do your research ahead of time than to wish you had.

If you are a non-profit agency, or even a political candidate who is wanting to receive donations for something, you will want to know if that is possible.

3. Continue with traditional marketing methods. Text message marketing is not yet the be-all and end-all. You will still need to continue with at least some of your traditional methods. Including your keyword and short code in your other advertising will increase your responses. As your text messaging data base grows, your other advertising venues can decline.

4. GIVE. People don’t willingly give out their cell phone numbers to strangers, and if you are going to capture a phone number, you need to make sure they get value for it. “Free” is the operative word.

Campaigns that are exclusive to the texting data base are extremely popular. Before hours and after hours campaigns are getting huge responses. They need to feel like they are getting something special, and not just a text that gives them something everyone else also is getting.

5. Be respectful. (Show restraint). Two to four messages a month will probably be more effective than bombarding them every day or so. Too much, and as soon as they see who the message is from, they delete it.

Also, don’t be cute with your audience. “Was gr8 2 c u” may work when a teen is texting a teen, but not for business. In all of your messages, show respect for your clientele.

The field is wide open. The possibilities are endless. Text message marketing is here to stay, whether you use it for your business or not.

How to Get a Text Marketing Mindset and Run a Successful and Profitable Campaign

So you’ve heard about how successful text marketing campaigns can be. Now you’ve decided to throw your hat in the ring and try it. What’s next??? Well first you need to understand a little more about the medium, and then you can start to profit.

Text message marketing is not e-mail marketing with a different delivery tool. We’ve all sent out email campaigns to thousands of addresses hoping the email will get through the spam detector, be opened and then eventually be read. It’s like taking a shotgun, shooting it into the air and hoping to hit something. A text campaign is almost the complete opposite of this.

Text campaigns are highly targeted marketing messages (the sniper if you will). Text messages are personal, immediate and interactive. First the only reason your client is receiving your text is because they asked for it by opting in to your program (they want to get it). Second 95% of all text messages are read, 90% within the first 5 minutes after receipt (we know they will read it and more importantly when). This being the case the response rates to text campaigns range anywhere from 8 to 37%.

A well designed text marketing campaign is like having a conversation with your client. It’s two way and you build a relationship with them. They opted in to hear more from your company, ask them what they are interested in. Is it your new products, your sales, are you holding events they may be interested in. Do they just want to receive discount coupons from you or get free admission at the door? With texting you can get to know your customers, segment them into smaller interest focus groups and send them the offers and notifications they really want to hear about.

Ok. We have decided what the main goal of your program is. Increase the lunch crowd, fill cancelled appointments, sell tickets, or what ever you need. Next.

First step is building your list. You have to have phone numbers to send your text to. This can be done in many ways. We start by setting up a keyword that will identify your particular business (sort of like a URL). Let’s say your company is Joe’s Pizza. Your key word may be “joespizza” or ” Joes”. Once the keyword is registered to you, no other company can use it. Remember text message marketing is permission based marketing. We want to entice your customers to send your keyword through the text system so we may track and capture their cell phone number and put it into your data base. We make them an offer such as; get a free slice of pizza on your next visit by texting “joespizza”. Where do they send this text to? Instead of a person or phone number we set up a code with all the phone carriers called a short code. This takes the place of a phone number and is usually easier to remember. The short code we use is 313131. Simple, easy to remember, only 6 digits.

So the entire call to action would look like this… “Become a Joe’s Pizza VIP member…. Text the word: JOESPIZZA to: 313131 and get a free slice of pizza on your next visit. Thanks”.

Other list building tools can be as simple as having customers write down their name and number on a card or list to become members, you put these into your program later by hand. Customers can go to your website and sign up or have them respond to an email. We provide all these things to you.

Once they are on your general list, ask them what they would like to hear about from you. (Remember two way conversations) Do they want lunch specials, dinner specials or maybe just happy hour? What about catering. Depending on their answer you put them in smaller sub groups according to what they want. This way you only send dinner specials to the people who want them and lunch to the people who want those. This saves you money and doesn’t annoy your customers with offers they don’t want.

Your list is built, now what? Remember, with texting we have several advantages we don’t have with email or print. We know your message will be read and more importantly when. (95% all text messages are read with 90% within the first 5 minutes after receipt). Your offer can be sent so the timing coincides with an event or special circumstance. Send a lunch special offer at 10:30 in the morning good only for today, or it’s snowing run a sale on ice melt and snow shovels, you get the idea.

Texting is short, to the point and designed to generate sales with every use. Response rates range from 8% to 37% depending on the offer. That is why more and more companies are increasing their mobile marketing budgets every season. And companies that have not tested the programs are starting to in record numbers.

MTS Mobile Marketing specializes in working with companies looking to profit from the mobile channel. Our reps are trained to sit down with our clients, identify what our client’s goal for the program is, and help them build their list or data base and then offer suggestions on messages and offers to achieve their goal. We can be reached at 800 580-1448 or Be successful…Have a text mindset, earn the rewards.

Sub-Headlines – Are They A Must-Have? Or Is Your Main Headline Enough By Itself?

Beware of the ‘guru’ who tells you that you must always have a sub-headline – or never have a sub-headline – because there are no hard and fast rules. Although that makes things trickier in some ways for the aspiring headline writer, it opens up a wonderful opportunity when you understand the principles.

On the one hand there is no magic formula that everyone can use to win, but on the other hand there are established psychological principles that you can apply in your own way to persuade your buyer to buy.

Each time will be different

You will use a different structure of headline and sub-headline in each piece you write, depending on what it is you’re selling. The principles will be the same but they will be applied in different ways.

Like it or not, your reader has only one focus – ‘what’s in it for me?

Why should they read your web text or sales letter or email? What benefit will they derive from reading it?

So what is the role of the sub-headline? Why might we have one?

Sometimes it will be more effective to use a sub-headline: sometimes not. It depends on what you’re selling.

The headline that leads people to buy one of my books, for instance, does have a sub-headline.

It starts with the headline: “Almost every book you’ve ever read about copy writing completely missed the point” which is followed by a sub-headline: “Let the Headline Hero Show You How to Write Winning Headlines That Can Increase Your Sales By 1600 per cent

The purpose of the headline is to attract your attention and empathise with your situation. You’ve read a load of books about copy writing but your sales haven’t gone up because the books you’ve read have missed the point.

That should be enough to get you to read the sub-headline which explains quite clearly what’s in it for you – you will learn how to write the winning headlines you’ve been wanting to write all along and which, more specifically, can lead you to dramatically increase your sales.

In another advertisement, we dispensed with the sub-headline and made the headline do all the work by itself.

“How to Write Winning Headlines That Increase Your Sales 1600%”

In that example we’ve managed to encapsulate the number one benefit (what’s in it for the reader) within the headline. More often than not you will need the support of a sub-headline, but sometimes you can manage just as well without. This is one case where you can manage without.

Creating Easy to Read Articles Part III – Maximizing the Use of Sub Headings to Break Up Texts

For readers who are just interested in very specific information, your sub headings can capture their interest. As stated earlier, this will serve as a signpost in your text. It points readers to the specific ideas written in your article. The sub head will make it easy for readers to locate the specific information they need.

Organizing your article could also be very easy if you use sub headings. It’s like using bullets, however the difference is you are listing the main parts of your text in order to provide to your readers the main categories of your article.

Sub headings are very useful especially if you write long articles. Breaking it up into sub parts will make it look shorter and more enticing to read. Sometimes it is very tiresome to read articles with strings of continued texts and paragraphs. Allow your readers to take their breath and rest for a while without losing their attention. And sub headings are good way to do that.

As an article writer, you can also benefit from the use of sub headings. Surely before you write, you’re going to make an outline of your article. And in outlines, you’re listing your main ideas into categories. These categories could serve as your sub heads when you write your text.

It would be very easy to write down your ideas now. The sub headings will serve as your anchor in writing specific parts of your article. It will keep you from straying into different directions especially if you have full of ideas. The sub head will maintain your focus and will keep your article systematic.

You will now have to spend less time in editing and refining your articles. And the more time you have, the more articles you can write. In article marketing, it is very crucial to produce lots of articles in less time and even lesser effort so that you can devote significant amount of your time and energy to publishing and advertising it.

The benefits of maximizing the use of sub headings in articles are numerous. You can produce cohesive and easy to read articles. You can also write faster and be more efficient in your production.

Sub Domains – An Inexpensive Solution to Grow Traffic

Read this brief article that reflects what we learned about subdomains and their important role in effective internet marketing.

A sub-domain is a section of your main web site, set up and recognized as it’s own cyber real estate. There is usually no cost or very low cost to set up multiple subdomains on your hosting account. Sub-domains are folders located within a directory of your main site and carry a pre name to your existing domain.

To best utilize your subdomains, it is important that they all remain o­n the same subject area or theme. Our site pertains to online advertising. It would not benefit us to launch a pet store under pets.masteradvertising.com [http://pets.masteradvertising.com].

Each subdomain can serve as another gateway into your main establishment, for visitors, testing marketing strategies, and search engines too!

Since creating content for a website takes time, often webmasters simply modify the existing text of the main site and reuse it on the subdomain site. It is important that the content is not exactly the same and that the subdomain does not simply redirect to the main site. Otherwise, search engines may not index them and you may even may even get tossed from the engines database.

Subdomain websites can be submitted to the search engines just like your main site. If your website is doing alright in the search engines, then imagine having five more websites out there for the spiders to find. Five more listings means that web surfers have five times as many ways to find yournetwork of websites.

More and more search engine algorithms take into consideration the number and ranking of sites that link to you. By linking your sub-domains to your main site and to each other, the ranking of all of your sites is improved.

Your subdomains provide a great area for testing banner exchanges and other advertising resource mediums, without cluttering up the main site. Each sub domain will carry it’s own traffic statistics, and campaigns can be tracked efficiently by ones self with server stats or other preferred tracking methods.

Get creative and branch your services and products out between your subdomains yet centering them around and connected via your main site. It will increase your keyword density and rankings per sub domain and most consumers are more comfortable working with a specialized area then a o­ne-stop shop.

How To Text A Girl Like A PUA

If you are trying to date a lot of different attractive women then it is very important that you learn how to text a girl like a PUA (that’s short for pick up artist). You see, these days texting is the number one way that people stay in touch with each other.

If your texting skills are sub-par then you are going to be at a serious disadvantage in the dating arena, so take the time right now to read this article and start honing your PUA texting skills.

Here are 3 quick PUA texting tricks that you can start using right now to have better text interactions with the women you are dating or talking to:

1) Be a texter

A lot of guys try to avoid texting because they know that their texting skills are weak and they don’t feel confident sending women text messages. Obviously, avoidance is not a good option. Instead, be a guy who texts, and work on improving your text game daily.

2) Don’t send boring texts

Sending texts that say thing like, “hey, what’s up” is not smooth text game. Any dim-witted sucker can come up with something better than that. Instead, try to put something interesting into the texts that you send. If nothing exciting is going on, talk about something mundane as if it was exciting. For instance, if you are making soup, you could write something like, “Oh girl, this is some slammin’ soup I’m making, Wolfgang Puck would be tripping if he tasted this…”

3) Don’t text her all the time

Although I just told you that you should work on improving your text game everyday, it is also important not to overdo it and send out too many texts. A big part of being successful with women is maintaining a sense of mystery and intrigue. If a girl knows where you are every second of the day because you are always texting her, she’s gonna get bored. So be sure only to text a girl you are casually dating every few days at most. This will also increase the chances that she will text you first more often.

Attractive girls always have at least a few guys who are trying to date them, so it is really important to develop yourself in many ways in order to keep a leg up on your competition.

Texting is one skill that will serve you extremely well in the singles scene these days…

This is important:

Find Out About The Alternate Options To Obamacare Now

Quite a few folks are viewing the issues with the present Obamacare act and also exactly how it’s not quite the solution to the health-related turmoil that lots of folks were hoping it would be. Though it has been a good start and also did present lots of modifications, it really did not do ample to be able to resolve every one of the issues with the health care industry. To get started doing more, plans have been created for alternative acts that will carry out a lot more to rectify the issues in the healthcare industry and thus really allow it to be less expensive for individuals who need it to have the means to access healthcare.

Among the alternatives that’s being suggested will be the CARE act. This outlines distinct concepts that may allow individuals to have much more alternatives as well as more entry to higher health care quality. The focus is not only on being sure that everyone has medical care, but in order to make sure that people have healthcare which is really cost-effective for everyone as well as which is the good quality they have to have. A person can go through this to be able to learn far more about the offer. In the event that the plan is actually applied, the objectives incorporate lowering medical care costs, raise the quantity of plans they can choose from, as well as improve the selections for small companies as well as their particular staff.

Someone that is currently concerned with their particular medical care could read more about the options that this specific plan could offer plus the adjustments that might happen if it is put into place. This enables the individual to obtain a much better notion of why they are facing problems obtaining and also utilizing their own health insurance and just what may be done with regards to it. It demonstrates there are more choices than the Obamacare act has created and that there’s more that may be done to be able to help individuals who have trouble affording their health insurance and also any kind of charges they must cover that insurance policies will not likely include.

In case you might be interested in learning more concerning the present status of the medical industry as well as the changes that are suggested, . Be sure you to be able to acquire all the information you need on both the present circumstance and what is being proposed to help make the adjustments that are needed so everybody can have access to the top quality medical care they desire.