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Five Reason Why You Should Use Winter Tires

One dilemma that hits most people during winter is whether or not to use their vehicles. A person may be unable to use his vehicle, not because of the model but because of a simple thing like the tires on your vehicle. There are a number of reasons that can make all-season car tires unusable during winter. Exchanging your all-season tires with winter tires may be a requirement if you need to use your vehicle during winter. The name winter tires or snow tires is given to these tires because they have the ability to withstand low temperatures reaching up to below forty-five degrees. The five major advantages of using winter tires are listed below.

The first advantage of these special winter tires is the fact that they do not become hard in cold environments. The ordinary tires are made of rubber that hardens or softens depending on the temperature of the surface they are in. For winter tires, however, the tires are made of a special rubber that can resist the extremely cold temperatures in winter. Your winter tires will, hereby, remain usable regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

Another advantage you get when using the winter tires is brought about by their big gaps between the treads. The big gaps between treads are not present in all-season tires which makes them unusable in snow or ice. What the big gaps in between the treads does is that it makes winter tires increase the traction between them and the road. The increased traction between the wheel surface and the ground enables you to brake and turn with ease.

The third advantage you enjoy when using winter tires is that they can be used all year round. Unlike the all-season tires which are usable in the hotter months of the year, the winter tires are not affected by extreme temperatures of the different times of a year. Regular replacement of tires may be needed if one decides to use winter tires all year round.

Winter tire’s fourth advantage is related to their deep treads. The deep treads on the tires keeps the tire core protected from damage. Between the tube and the surface of the winter tires, there is a good amount of distance. With that advantage it is, therefore, very rare to get a puncture on your winter tire than it is with a person using an all-season tire.

The fifth advantage you enjoy when using winter tires is that they can tolerate heavy load’s pressure. Comparing the winter tires to the all-season tires, it is evident that winter tires resist more pressure. Fitting your vehicle with winter tires, therefore, should not limit you to the luggage you carry on your vehicle.

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