How to Avoid the Dreaded Wall of Text That Keeps Online Customers Away

Have you ever been to a flea market? There’s a throng of people wandering around eager to buy. So you do the sensible thing and build a wall around your table. Build a wall around your table? That doesn’t really make much sense. Does it? How are people going buy anything if they can’t see what you offer? Yet this is what many people do on their websites every day. They hide their product or service behind a wall. “The Dreaded Wall of Text.” What is “The Dreaded Wall of Text?” It’s brick after brick of words. Line on top of line. Stretched across the page with no room to breathe. This giant block of text intimidates your potential customer. Keeping them from learning more about your offering. So if you want them to find out more, you’ve got to break down the wall. How do you break down the wall? It’s simple if you remember one thing. Reading online is different from reading offline.

Don’t be afraid to use the return key. Just by adding space between paragraphs you open up your copy and make it less intimidating. Try to keep paragraphs to four lines or less. And yes, even a single sentence as a paragraph is okay.:) We tend to scan first when reading online. Spacing out the text allows the information to look more inviting to your customer. You can also bold key phrases and use sub-heads to draw the reader in. And once they’re reading don’t make them strain. How do you reduce the strain on your customer’s eyes? Keep the width of your lines short. Don’t go across the whole width of the page. Take a look at news sites. They’re built for ease of reading. Notice how the text is kept within a short column. Much like newspapers. Using these short columns reduces eye fatigue for the reader. Too much reading across the page and your customer gives up. One you’ve got their interest you want them to keep reading. And if you can keep your customer reading It’s more likely they’ll take the action you want them to take. And isn’t that what you want?

So remember:


  • Use short paragraphs no longer that four lines
  • Keep the column length to about 14 words
  • Make sure you’ve got sub-heads to draw in the scanners
  • Use this format on your website and emails
  • Go to your site now


Look for some places you can hit the return key. Then you’ll be on your way to breaking down the wall between you and your online customers.