How to Get a Text Marketing Mindset and Run a Successful and Profitable Campaign

So you’ve heard about how successful text marketing campaigns can be. Now you’ve decided to throw your hat in the ring and try it. What’s next??? Well first you need to understand a little more about the medium, and then you can start to profit.

Text message marketing is not e-mail marketing with a different delivery tool. We’ve all sent out email campaigns to thousands of addresses hoping the email will get through the spam detector, be opened and then eventually be read. It’s like taking a shotgun, shooting it into the air and hoping to hit something. A text campaign is almost the complete opposite of this.

Text campaigns are highly targeted marketing messages (the sniper if you will). Text messages are personal, immediate and interactive. First the only reason your client is receiving your text is because they asked for it by opting in to your program (they want to get it). Second 95% of all text messages are read, 90% within the first 5 minutes after receipt (we know they will read it and more importantly when). This being the case the response rates to text campaigns range anywhere from 8 to 37%.

A well designed text marketing campaign is like having a conversation with your client. It’s two way and you build a relationship with them. They opted in to hear more from your company, ask them what they are interested in. Is it your new products, your sales, are you holding events they may be interested in. Do they just want to receive discount coupons from you or get free admission at the door? With texting you can get to know your customers, segment them into smaller interest focus groups and send them the offers and notifications they really want to hear about.

Ok. We have decided what the main goal of your program is. Increase the lunch crowd, fill cancelled appointments, sell tickets, or what ever you need. Next.

First step is building your list. You have to have phone numbers to send your text to. This can be done in many ways. We start by setting up a keyword that will identify your particular business (sort of like a URL). Let’s say your company is Joe’s Pizza. Your key word may be “joespizza” or ” Joes”. Once the keyword is registered to you, no other company can use it. Remember text message marketing is permission based marketing. We want to entice your customers to send your keyword through the text system so we may track and capture their cell phone number and put it into your data base. We make them an offer such as; get a free slice of pizza on your next visit by texting “joespizza”. Where do they send this text to? Instead of a person or phone number we set up a code with all the phone carriers called a short code. This takes the place of a phone number and is usually easier to remember. The short code we use is 313131. Simple, easy to remember, only 6 digits.

So the entire call to action would look like this… “Become a Joe’s Pizza VIP member…. Text the word: JOESPIZZA to: 313131 and get a free slice of pizza on your next visit. Thanks”.

Other list building tools can be as simple as having customers write down their name and number on a card or list to become members, you put these into your program later by hand. Customers can go to your website and sign up or have them respond to an email. We provide all these things to you.

Once they are on your general list, ask them what they would like to hear about from you. (Remember two way conversations) Do they want lunch specials, dinner specials or maybe just happy hour? What about catering. Depending on their answer you put them in smaller sub groups according to what they want. This way you only send dinner specials to the people who want them and lunch to the people who want those. This saves you money and doesn’t annoy your customers with offers they don’t want.

Your list is built, now what? Remember, with texting we have several advantages we don’t have with email or print. We know your message will be read and more importantly when. (95% all text messages are read with 90% within the first 5 minutes after receipt). Your offer can be sent so the timing coincides with an event or special circumstance. Send a lunch special offer at 10:30 in the morning good only for today, or it’s snowing run a sale on ice melt and snow shovels, you get the idea.

Texting is short, to the point and designed to generate sales with every use. Response rates range from 8% to 37% depending on the offer. That is why more and more companies are increasing their mobile marketing budgets every season. And companies that have not tested the programs are starting to in record numbers.

MTS Mobile Marketing specializes in working with companies looking to profit from the mobile channel. Our reps are trained to sit down with our clients, identify what our client’s goal for the program is, and help them build their list or data base and then offer suggestions on messages and offers to achieve their goal. We can be reached at 800 580-1448 or Be successful…Have a text mindset, earn the rewards.